A Guide on Meeting & Marrying Mail Order Brides

Today, marriages don’t seem to last as long as they used to. As divorce rates are sky-rocketing, people keep wondering — has marriage always been that tough? If you have a recently divorced friend and you ask him what happened, you will usually hear the same generic explanations that hardly ever explain anything. Never worked out, she changed recently, we were too different, etc. Very few honest, wise people will admit that their ex-spouses were, in fact, not that different. The problem was looking in different directions and wanting different things in life.

This is a common mistake many men make: marrying a woman who seems a perfect match only to find out that her expectations of perfect family life do not match those of his own. If you had such a disappointing experience or if you would like to do everything in your power to spare yourself such negative events, you must approach marriage with all seriousness.

One of the factors that lead to a happy marriage is knowing what you want from a wife. Consequently, finding a woman who meets these expectations becomes easier. Once again, few modern men care to admit that what they want from a wife is a bit of emotional support, a bit of cooking, and a chance to come back to a tidy house. Some Western women may share this idea, but most of them will not see why it’s the wife who’s supposed to ensure all those things.

Still, local matches are not your only option. There are plenty of countries where women have the same idyllic family picture as you do. More importantly, they have no problem taking care of the household routine all in their own, leaving breadwinning (most of it, at least) to their husbands. Finding women with such traditional mindsets is not that challenging — plenty of them are already waiting for you on mail order brides websites. So, let’s see how these services work, what perks they offer, and why a single man looking for marriage should consider them, in the first place.

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How mail order brides dating works?

All in all, brides sites will not look too different from most other dating apps. At first glance, they might even seem simpler and less interactive than most other dating platforms with fancy functionalities. For starters, you will not find a lot of relationships goals here. These platforms are not about hookups, pen-pals, or casual friendships. They are about marriage and long-term commitment, so you will never see a huge drop-down list under “preferred relationship type.”

Neither will you see a lot of options under “looking for” or “interested in.” Here, women are looking for men, and men are interested in women. So, if you’re interested in creating a traditional nuclear family, brides sites already have some filters set for you. You will not have to adjust your search parameters to ‘straight’ and ‘commitment.’ More importantly, you will not have to deal with users who are looking for something you’re not interested in.

Still, these straight relationship filters are not the primary reason why brides sites are perfect for family-centered men. After all, filters are easily adjusted. But, international marriage platforms offer more than that. They also make sure absolutely all women you see in their database are 100% real. For this, most websites will partner up with local companies. Later on, these companies will represent their services in the major cities of the country they work with. Simply put, they have regional offices in every country they work with.

In these offices, brides will verify their identities — in person. And we can agree — such an approach offers more safety than an online ID verification. Besides, local managers stay in touch with all brides. Now and then, every female user will receive a call and will have to answer questions about her ID information and her profile activity. This way, reputable dating agencies ensure that absolutely all accounts are managed by people who registered them. You will never find such strict profile monitoring on any other dating app. So, if you value your time, money, and effort, brides sites are the way to go.

Speaking of money, these services are never out of charge. Still, the fees are not exuberant, and the security measures behind the scenes are worth a couple of bucks per month. Besides, monthly fees allow site owners to limit the number of interfering ads (sometimes, even eliminate them entirely), which accounts for a better, more enjoyable user experience. And finally, some income from monthly fees goes to regular site maintenance and professional photoshoots for the new brides. So, all of these sites are carefully polished up, and the profile pictures are nice to look at. Not that any of these details compare to the security measures we described above, but still. All of those combined make up a carefully designed, properly maintained, and easy to use service.

As for the rest, mail order brides sites are very similar to dating apps. Users can create personalized profiles, upload pictures, set up their preferences and get match-making results, make use of different communication options, etc. Given the long-distance, international specifics of these services, there will be other features, too. Stay tuned — we will describe them in the paragraphs below.

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What features must a mail order brides service offer?

Now that we have established how mail order brides services work, the question is how to choose a reliable one. How do you make sure the site truly verifies each bride’s identity and carefully monitors their profile activity? After all, for every reliable service, there can be a dozen short-lived clones. The answer to this is already in the question — you should try to determine how long a particular website has been out there. Direct links to social media accounts on the website are also proof of reliability (if you check out these links, of course).

Next word of warning is never to sign up services that feature nothing but a sign-up form on their main page. Absolutely all reputable sites allow users to browse their prices, services, and terms of use even before registering. And, after the registration, new members should have at least some partial access to previewing other people’s profiles. You may not be able to see lengthy descriptions, but you should see a picture with the basic info like age, marital status (single or divorced), and occupation. And, you should be allowed to make use of the basic search filters with similar search options. If you have the above opportunities, the site is usually worth it.

Aside from those little perks, a reliable dating agency should guarantee the following:

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100% anonymity and financial security

No reputable service will ask you for money or even your credit card info when you register. You should be able to look around and see if you even want to stay. Only when you decide to chat with a couple of brides, you should be asked to purchase a subscription or upload money to your account (depending on the site billing logic). Even after paying, your financial details should be kept on secure (HTTPS) servers.

Besides, dating agencies should not disclose your real name and other contact info (like mobile number, email, home address). They may ask for this info when you make your payment, but it should not be present in your profile. Neither will you see any of the brides’ contact details. Such sites offer a secure and open space for communication, not a chance to stalk people who not are interested in communication with certain users. Of course, you and your match may eventually choose to share this private info with one another. Still, it should always remain hidden by default.

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Automatic or manual translation

A lot of mail order brides will be fluent in English. Still, English proficiency largely depends on where your bride comes from. In China, for example, English is not that common, even though plenty of other Asian countries are quite savvy in it. In Latin America, some women speak it, and others do not. The same applies to Eastern Europe. Africa is another example of a region where English is not exactly widespread. So, a reputable service will always invest in sophisticated translation algorithms or even hire human translators.

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Local gift and flower delivery

Another useful perk most reliable agencies offer is a chance to surprise your lady with a gift. They will not literally ship this present, but they will contact a local office to ensure delivery. So, it will cost more than you’d pay onsite, but less than you’d have to pay if an international shipment was involved. The selection of available presents will not include any fancy items. Most of the time, those will be flowers, candy, some perfume, or plush toys.

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Internal resources with cross-cultural dating tips

This one is somewhat optional, but most reputable sites will have an internal blog with cross-cultural and online dating tips. The advice will be focused around cultural traditions of the country (or region) they work with, general dating guidelines, etc. Some websites will even hire psychologists to write dating advice. Usually, such articles are engaging reads that also help you solve some issues. And let’s agree — we all have them; especially, after a couple of tough breakups.

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Date arrangements and travel assistance

Another essential feature of a service that values its reputation and actually accepts some responsibility for their actions. When you find someone you truly like, you may decide to visit your prospective bride. Of course, you can always take care of this trip yourself, or even ask your lady to give you a hand. Still, it is often easier to settle such affairs with the agency. They can organize everything — from flights and airport transfer to hotels and interpreters. Besides, if you plan to meet more than one lady during this trip, consulting an agency is a better idea.

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Consultations & practical help with getting married

If one of the ladies you’ve met in person proves to be ‘The One,’ you may also use the agency’s help with all legal paperwork. Once again, you are not obliged to use their services (and pay for them). But, having such an option is an undeniable bonus. After all, red-tape is a nightmare in any country, and getting an international marriage permit always requires some time. If you’d rather spend this time with your lovely bride, you should have a chance to delegate this paperwork (most of it, at least) to the professionals.

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How much will it cost to meet and marry a foreign bride?

The final, but still a highly important, question is how much such an endeavor will cost you. We already mentioned that most brides sites are not expensive. Of course, fees will differ from one platform to another, but an average monthly subscription on communication with cost around $30. Here, we imply subscription for just one month. But, most men need from 10 to 16 months looking for their perfect bride. So, if you find a reliable service, it would make sense to subscribe for a whole year. A full year of using a dating service usually costs around $150-170, or $12-15 a month.

Still, we must admit that most men spend around $50 a month on dating platforms. This is an approximate estimate based on what male users share in polls and questionnaires. This number includes all additional services they order, not just chatting and sending letters. Note that gift delivery is not the only perk men can purchase for an extra price. Some also pay for anonymous browsing mode, a boost in the search results, etc.

Now, suppose you’ve found your perfect bride. Trips, embassy fees — how much will they cost? Once again, the answer will depend on your destination and your spending habits. Still, and average stat on travel and embassy expenses is $2500.

If you, like most other men, should find your future wife within a year of using dating agency’s services, you’ll have spent: $50 x 12 months = $600 on gifts and communication. And, around $2500 on travel and embassy fees. That gives us just $3100, which is a ridiculously low price if you compare it to the costs of traditional dating. More importantly, it’s a ridiculously low price on happiness.

Bottom line, dating sites give you a chance to meet the woman of your dreams, for a rather affordable cost. As long as you mind basic security tips, keep a clear head, and have the patience to go on with your search, you should have no problem finding your one-and-only among thousands of gorgeous mail order brides.

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